Unlimited Express Media provides social media services such as followers, likes, plays, views, & more hyper growth marketing strategies.

But you probably heard purchasing social media services was “fake” or “bad to do”?
Well, I can put all that to bed. It’s actually a very common practice used by the marketing teams of A-List celebrities, our presidents, major companies, and many influencers. Let me break it down for you.

First thing first, you’re not buying customers or fans, you’re purchasing your presence & ranking. Is it possible to get engagement or sales from bought followers? Yes, but not likely.
Presence is important if you’re promoting something or have a service or offer to present. Our whole life, appearance has meant everything, from impressing our childhood crushes to dressing nice for church. So why wouldn’t you do the same thing for your social media?

Think about this, an organic user lands on your Instagram page, you got 253 followers, maybe a couple likes on your post, but yet you want this user to do business with you when you gave them an “ehhhh” feeling from the gate. Cause the first thing someone see’s when they land on your page is your follower count. If you did an interview, they always say something on the lines of “follow so and so on twitter with over 100k followers.”
Now lets say right after that they land on another page, 40k+ followers, 1k+ likes on every post for over the past couple of years, it instantly gives the user a wow feeling and a strong presence, at this point the average user now wants to see what the post are about to see if it relates to them. But with a much stronger sense & as well by this point they don’t care who the followers are or where they came from. That user already has thoughts in their mind of whether you’re a good match for business or if they want to follow you.

Next, is ranking. Social media platforms are compiled of algorithms. Calculates your engagement and ranks you accordingly. And since Unlimited Express Media uses servers that consist of real and mostly active world wide accounts, it drives your content up to be seen by more organic users. YouTube Ranking is very powerful tool that can get your phone ringing.

So is there a downside to buying services? Yes, drops. Just like when you buy a Facebook ad, that ad will run up, and you will have to spend more money to keep running the ad. That’s marketing and when you buy social media services such as followers, page likes, & subscribers, there’s an average 10%-20% drop. There’s no way around that no matter which company you choose to get services from. I can make a million accounts follow you, it’s not possible to keep a million there.
There are people who use cleaner apps or bots that unfollow user that never followed them back. I don’t know the exact number but I know its extremely high on how many accounts get made & deleted every day on social media platforms. We can not force a million users to obey by the terms of the social platform. So with all those combined you could purchase 10k followers and over time lose 2k. A lot of big accounts have a constant drip feed of followers coming in to keep their numbers up. Don’t believe me, go find a celebrity with 120M followers and just keep refreshing their followers, you’ll see what I mean. But, it’s a powerful marketing strategy that’s been proven to work.
But you’re also not supposed to buy followers and just think you’re on, tomorrow you’re going to be huge. It doesn't really work that way. You still have to be consistent in posting and engagement on your behalf.
This is what made buying followers “scary”, and that’s when a major drop in followers happen. Headlines go crazy, “Celebrity lost 20k followers overnight”, a brief but quite embarrassing moment that could happen anytime or could never happen to you at all. That’s the risk, but that’s marketing and without risk is no reward. Why does this happen? Could be a few reasons, a major server gets hacked or even crashes, maybe there was a new feature added which cause an algorithm change that requires server updates.
So what separates Unlimited Express Media from 95% of people who offer similar services? Because they don’t understand how it really works, and willing to teach you how to use these services to advance your accounts. Most say they want to make you famous overnight, make you believe you’re about to get fans.

So that chain reacts to the user buying services, making a post to thank all their new “fans” for the follow. That’s not marketing, that’s just straight faking the funk.
You use social media services to advance your content into a position to be seen by more organic users and to give a nice strong welcoming to new users to your account.

One last example before I go. Lets say you and I both live in the same city and both run a similar business. We’ll say we’re an auto repair shop. Now we both put in the same amount of hustle, running ads, flyers, social posting, etc. but I went the extra mile will social media hyper growth that probably ranked me higher and gave a stronger first appearance to the person researching the perfect mechanic to do the job.
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